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Koh Si Chang - Hilly and Scenic

The scenic little island of Koh Si Chang was used as a retreat for the royal family at the end of the 19th century, but they had to leave the island because of the war with France (1893).

The former grounds of Phra Chudadhuj palace have remained, with 2 small beaches, little boats, a pier, beautiful ponds, renovated buildings, a chedi, a viewpoint and lots of flowers and plants. A stone near Koh Si Chang school inscribed by King Rama V, is treasured by the local population.

All over the hilly island there are great viewpoints, with the Chinese Chan Chao Khao Yai shrine, 150 steps up the hill, offering the most spectacular view of the village and the many boats scattered between the island and the coast. The village is small and quiet, with old wooden houses and traditional shops, while the pier is a colourful happening of fishing boats and ferries. The island's favourite place for a sunset meal is Ao Atsadang beach, but when the wind blows the wrong way, it fills up with garbage dumped from the ships anchored nearby. Tham Khao Phang beach is said to be the most beautiful.

More photos of Koh Si Chang

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