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Ratchaburi - Floating Market and Bat Cave

Damnoen Saduak is the most famous floating market in Thailand. Only if you come early enough in the morning, you can still see a glimpse of the old market. Vendors sell food, kitchen utensils, noodle soup, old-style coffee etc. from their little wooden boats in the canal. Their customers are buying from the shore or go around in their own little boats. A bit later, and the souvenir boats take over. Long-tail boats filled with tourists make a lot of noise in the small canals. In one of these canals you can even have your picture taken with a huge python.

Closer to the city is the Wat Khao Chong Pran, were one can observe a very spectacular sight every day near sunset, when millions of bats living in the nearby caves swarm out to get themselves some food. The sound, the smell!

More photos of Ratchaburi

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